Baird Animator



Multiple Views
ghana_dual_view.avi (~1.4Mb)

Simulation of the performance of a flood control structure in Keta Lagoon, Ghana, West Africa. 3D hydrodynamic modeling was completed with MISED to determine the number of gates required and the time to drain the lagoon through a breach in the barrier beach considering tidal fluctuations on the Gulf of Guinea.

This animation shows flow vectors and slices of flow velocity distribution. It highlights Baird Animator's ability to look at data from different perspectives, and using different styles within the same synchronized animation.

THIS CONTENT NEEDS REVIEW (see SDA animations for same project)

Malpasset Dam Break Simulation, France
MalpassetDam_3D.mpg (~1.9Mb)

Malpasset was an arch dam on the Reyran River, constructed approximately 7 km north of Fréjus on the Côte d'Azur, southern France, in the Var département. It collapsed due to geo-technical failure on December 2nd, 1959, killing 421 people in the resulting flood. A two-dimensional dam break model was used to reproduce flood wave propagation generated by the dam break. Baird Animator was used to visualize the model results in a 3D perspective showing topographical relief.

This animation shows the propagation of the flood wave after the dam break and the flooding area over the satellite image.

THIS CONTENT NEEDS REVIEW (see SDA animations for same project)

WaveWatch III, North American West Coast
WestCoast_wavewatch.wmv (~2.7Mb)

As part of Baird's global forecast system, nested Wavewatch runs produce ouput at varying locations around the globe. This animation shows significant wave height as a shaded surface overlayed with wind barbs, from a portion of the 1/4 degree grid of the Northeast Pacific Ocean.


NCEP Global Winds
Global_wind_NCEP.avi (~1.4Mb)

The input for various numerical simulations relies on NCEP global wind fields. This animation shows wind speed rendered as alpha-blended surface, where higher wind speeds are more opaque.


Sediment Transport, Sheboygan River
Sheboygan_sediment.wmv (~2.5Mb)

This animation shows river sediment scour and deposition for a study at the mouth of the Sheboygan river in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.A. This project involved the planning, design and construction of an $11 million, 490-slip marina, including breakwaters, dredging and confined disposal facility, launching facilities, dockage, site improvements, and buildings.

THIS CONTENT NEEDS REVIEW (right project description?)

Wave Energy Rose, Barbados
Barbados_wave_energy.wmv (~0.2Mb)

This animation shows the wave energy and direction off the northeast coast of Barbados. Wave energy rose plots are an invaluable means to view energy, direction, and period simultaneously, giving a total picture of environmental conditions.


Development of a Numerical Model
Model_development.wmv (~12.2Mb)

This animation demonstrates steps in numerical model development. Five animation sequences and several stills were rendered using Baird Animator, then blended together using inexpesive off-the-shelf movie editing software.


Thermal Plume Modeling
Thermal_plume.mpg (~18.4Mb)

WE Power LLC
Elm Road Generating Station
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
WE Power, LLC and Bechtel Corporation

WE Energies is presently constructing a new, coal-fired power plant on the shores of Lake Michigan in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Construction of the new plant will allow WE Energies to abandon the former Oak Creek Power Plant. The construction of the new plant includes the construction of a 600-ft by 700-ft extension to the former coal dock and the construction of two, 600-ft long parallel steel sheet pile jetties that will serve to direct cooling water back into Lake Michigan and to thermally disperse the discharge.

Construction of the coal dock extension and the cooling water discharge jetties, most of which is already complete, will interrupt the littoral flow of sediments along the shoreline, causing potential negative impacts to the downdrift shoreline and properties. In addition to performing bathymetric surveys, coastal analyses and the design of the coal dock extension and cooling water discharge structures, Baird & Associates conducted an extensive study of the sediment transport and littoral system in the region of the lake impacted by the new power plant. Baird was instrumental in the development of the mitigation accepted by the regulatory agencies.

Services Provided

  • Performance of numerical analyses of the wave environment, developing the design wave and water-level
  • Performance of sediment sampling and soil testing
  • Conducted an extensive study of sediment transport and the impacts of the new structures to the littoral system
  • Design of the coal dock extension and cooling water discharge structures
  • Preparation of a plan to mitigate negative impacts to the downdrift properties caused by interruption to sediment transport
  • Acquisition of U.S. Army Corp of Engineers’ and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ permits
  • Preparation of bid and construction documents


Breakwater Design Scenarios
Boussinesq_comparison.wmv (~19.7Mb)

St. Kitts... yada-yada
Issues navigating into harbour with crosswind... tradeoff with waves entering harbour. Site-specific solution.


Harbor Expansion
Chicago_waterfront.wmv (~26.3Mb)

Chicago... yada yada (mention Olympics?)
Detailed model of Chicago exported as an overlay from 3D Studio Max.
Breakwater and harbour solids models exported from AutoCAD
Waves modelled in MIKE21-BW
Animation sequences and several stills were rendered using Baird Animator, then blended together using inexpesive off-the-shelf movie editing software.


Breakwater Repair
Azores_breakwater_comparison.wmv (~21.3Mb) Azores_breakwater_flight.wmv (~12.0Mb)

Repairs to Breakwater
Terciera, Azores, Portugal
U.S. Navy - NAVFAC

Baird assisted the U.S. Navy to design and guide the repair of a breakwater, originally constructed in 1961, that has been extensively damaged over the intervening years. The breakwater, located at the north end of Praia Bay on the east side of Terceira Island, Azores, protects the habour and aviation fuel delivery facilities which serve Lajes Field airbase. The structure is directly exposed to Atlantic Ocean waves arriving from the east. The design wave is “depth limited” at approximately 7.5 meters.

Services Provided

Baird & Associates provided a detailed assessment of the wave climate, and designed a "hybrid" concrete armour unit/armour stone berm breakwater repair that satisfied requirements of limited annual repair funding, long-term degradation of the breakwater over its entire length, and the problem of stabilizing any repaired section of breakwater until the entire breakwater was fully protected by the final repair solution.

Breakwater Features

  • 600 meter breakwater repair
  • Total project cost over eight year repair cycle, approximately $70 million USD
  • 950 Core-Loc concrete armour units - 32 MT each
  • 281,600 MT Armour Stone
  • 88,700 MT Filter Stone
  • Aids to Navigation