Baird Animator


Baird Animator is a 3D visualization and animation environment supporting many kinds of spatial and temporal data. In addition to visualization, it provides tools for creating flight paths through the data-space and generating output in digital movie format.

Baird Animator is the successor to X-Vision. It has been streamlined and completely rewritten around a cross-platform core SDK (32/64-bit Windows/X-Windows). The new focus is on presentation, and ease of use.

Data editing tools have been moved to separate applications, and the data import stage has been replaced with plug-ins to read from native file formats directly. Current plug-ins are available for WaveWatch III, STWAVE, ADCIRC, and geo-referenced imagery.

Baird Animator is an integral part of our wave forecasting system, for producing animations in batch mode. Live examples can be found at SwellWatch 3D and the Baird Global Forecast site. The Animator core SDK is also the spatial/temporal graphics engine of the upcoming DHI release of MIKE Animator Pro.

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